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An Interview with David Orentlicher, Professor of Law at University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“All of us should be represented. Not just half the people at one time and half the people at another time, all the people all the time. So how do we redesign the system to make sure that's what really happens?”

By Madison Breshears
January 18, 2019

An Interview with David Fontana, Professor of Law at George Washington University


“Labels matter. Labels signal whether something is on the wall or off the wall. Just by the word that we use to describe something, we decide whether we should take it seriously as an ideology or not. This is not just an effort in linguistics, this is an effort in legitimizing or delegitimizing major political arguments and movements.”

By Madison Breshears
December 11, 2018

An Interview with Tom Campbell, Professor of Law and Economics at Chapman University


“If I could be one percent as effective as Milton Friedman in his role as a professor, I would say that's a much higher calling than being elected to office.”

By Madison Breshears
November 5, 2018

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